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    Shorty I’m there for you anytime you need me
    For real girl, it’s me in your world, believe me
    Nothing make a man feel better than a woman
    Queen with a crown that be down for whatever
    There are few things that’s forever, my lady
    We can make war or make babies
    Back when I was nothing
    You made a brother feel like he was something
    That’s why I’m with you to this day boo, no fronting
    Even when the skies were gray
    You would rub me on my back and say, “Baby it’ll be okay”
    Now that’s real to a brother like me, baby

    Simply put, that’s the true definition of Confidante.

    *Method Man and Mary J. All I Need Remix*

    Don’t Rush, Persevere.

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    The song is a designer’s hype song.

    If you have a goal, you are a designer.

    You just created something new from an old idea, Otis Redding Sample.

    You look at the goal and say, “I invented Swag.” Poppin’ bottles, putting supermodels in the cab, proof. I guess I got my Swagger back, truth.

    That’s you taking the ideas of the old and reinventing them from a new perspective. The old you were able to attract supermodels in abundance to the point you sent them home unbothered if they would return. You remembered that feeling, and as a result of feeling it again, you know that although circumstances have changed, being married is a super-model, and you have found that youthful feeling. It was never about the Supermodels; they were confirmation that you had Swag.

    Whatever your goal was, you just felt the emotions that made it a plan in the first place. The difference is now you see your goal finished. Photoshoot fresh, looking like wealth. I’m about to call the paparazzi on myself. You get this feeling when you sit back and reflect on your goal.

    Damn, Yeezy and Hov, where the hell you been?

    Don’t Rush, Persevere.