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    “Go harder than a —– go figure told me “Keep my own money” if we ever did split up. How can something so gangsta be so pretty in pictures?

    He shows his appreciation for her beauty, her “Blackness” and her “gangsta”.

    “Uh, Picasso was alive he woulda made her. That’s right Mona Lisa can’t fade her. I mean Marilyn Monroe, she’s quite nice But why all the pretty icons are always all white?”

    The album art by Ricardo Tisci is brilliant there’s so much going on, so many pieces with so many stories to tell. The detail is amazing. When I read the Rolling Stone article on the art it was mentioned that the artwork looks embroidered.

    How to take something old and make something new? How to create art that wakes everyone up? Ultimately what could be done to create something beautiful and gangsta with the canvas being a T-Shirt?

    Take the face from No Church in the Wild, used it to Lift-Off, and then got boosted by her beauty. If we were to etch her in stone this would be her image. Since our canvas wasn’t stone it was a T-Shirt. I wanted to give the same 3-D effect.

    After you have reached your goal you will forever be etched into the fabric of each of your family members’ lives or all those that are affected by your presence. You belong in museums You belong in Vintage clothing crushing the whole building.” I’ve been waiting for a long time just to get off and throw my hands up high and live my life just to get off and throw my hands up high.

    Don’t Rush, Persevere.


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    Red Light. Green Light. You know the game.

    You may be at a metaphorical red light in terms of your goals.

    If you’re at a light, you’re on the road; and motivated without the action. Apply action proceed with caution, then step on the gas, and don’t take your foot off until you’re there.

    It all starts with ambition.

    Beautiful music, painting pictures that be my vision
    They gon’ love me for my ambition
    Easy to dream a dream, though it’s harder to live it
    Look, they gon’ love me for my ambition
    Beautiful music, painting pictures that be my vision
    They gon’ love me for my ambition

    *Ambition by Wale*

    Don’t Rush, Persevere.

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    You believe that being stylish while achieving your goal is standard. You don’t follow what everyone else thinks is cool because what you do is what makes you cool. The individual collective creed is “cool starts with me.”

    The Stylish Elites is said collective.

    Don’t Rush, Persevere.

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    Religion – A system of beliefs and practices by means of which a group of people struggles with the ultimate problem of human life.

    Religion – A belief that has become widely accepted generation after generation.

    Women are pretty and to be looked at simply as sexual beings whose only purpose is to produce and rear the child unless discipline is involved. This means that men have to be inherently mean and angry with almost nothing to smile about. We have evolved past this belief system.

    Oliver smiles while Olivia grits.

    Most of us have a goal that lies dormant within us. The religion that gets played over and over in our heads is that we can’t do something. However, the key is it’s in our head. This means we can change the track and put on a new song.

    Don’t Rush, Persevere.


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    And he’ll bring you out the – out the darkness. Sweet King Martin, Sweet Queen Coretta, Sweet Brother Malcolm, Sweet Queen Betty, Sweet Mother Mary, Sweet Father Joseph, Sweet Jesus.¬†We made it in America, Sweet Baby Jesus, ooh oh Sweet Baby Jesus, we made it in America.

    The most important track on the album is a clear display of the importance of women.

    Ye, Jay, with the help of Frank Ocean, mentions the wives of some influential Black Activists, including Mary and Joseph, and their love child Jesus. Since many Christians aren’t even aware that this iteration of the birth of Baby Jesus creates the search for the reference just like Jay did when he came out with Hard Knock Life. Honestly, this is what made me love the album. As :RelationshipGoals remains atop the resolution lists every year, it would have to make a list mainly because it sparked such a simple yet discretely beautiful design choice.

    Your Heart pumps love.

    If there is an injury your heart sends more love to that area in order to heal your injury. The very opening of the track “and he’ll bring you out the, out the darkness.” gives way to motivation. Your goals are within you, waiting, desperately seeking to be acknowledged. If you are asleep mentally, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of you fall asleep. When you fall asleep, you go into darkness.

    However, those goals, to the awakened, drive energy. You don’t have to remove darkness; you have to introduce light and darkness retreats. Religion disappears due to the light of spirituality: our old way of thinking disappears.

    The old-fashioned idea that man should come before the woman, after all contextually, “Sweet King Martin, Sweet Queen Coretta, Sweet Brother Malcolm Sweet Queen Betty the switch resulted in love. Sweet Mother Mary, Sweet Father Joseph, Sweet Jesus. As a result of love, “We Made It In America, Sweet Baby Jesus, ooh oh Sweet Baby Jesus, we made it in America.”

    This ain’t no fashion show, motherfucker we live it.

    Don’t Rush, Persevere.


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    “Olivia” is standing, and “Oliver” is sitting to reflect the concept. To the sleeping person, this looks like he is the boss sitting while she’s standing, almost as if she’s not worthy of sitting on the bench. You’re now woke; you see things differently than the rest of the world. If you’re on the sideline, you’re not in the game. You want to be. You’re good enough to be on the team, but you’re not in the game. That means, imagery-wise, that she’s in the game or at least motivates you to get off the bench.

    We gon take it to the moon, take it to the stars, you don’t know what we been through to make it this far. So many scars. We are bout to take this whole thing to Mars.

    Lift-off. We have a lift-off. All engines running, we have lift off.

    Don’t Rush, Persevere.


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    Positioning is the first thing you notice. She is behind him, meaning she’s still motivating him to reach his potential, all while having his back.

    For the first time, Olivia and Oliver have eyes. I went with the Manga-style eyes because of their intensity and because we’ve ushered in a new champion Naomi Osaka.

    When I thought of “Balling” in Paris, I immediately thought of the Williams sisters, Arthur Ashe and Naomi Osaka. We included Manga-style eyes and facial expressions to show respect for both sides of her heritage. The shoes in this image are in the likeness of the Jordan XIII, nicknamed “Court Purple.” Since the Jordan 1, Nike and Jordan Brand have been “disrupters.”

    Having a couple playing together is a disruption.

    She’s not wearing skorts; she’s wearing shorts just like he is. Cause they play for the same team with the same goal, winning.

    “We gon take it to the moon, take it to the stars.” Paris is just a stop on the way.

    Don’t Rush, Persevere.